Blogging without fear

A Fearless Fellow

My best friend's son (and honorary godson) has just finished bicycling his way around Australia. About 14000 kms without any fancy gear or flash bikes. While doing the trip, he did gigs in pubs (bars), peoples' houses and gardens, at parks and music festivals. Basically, he had a wow of a time. In doing all of this, he also managed to raise  money for his favourite charity the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

Sure, this is all very impressive, but what impresses me most is the attitude Jye took to this entire adventure. Fearlessness. He embraced the people, the experiences and the challenges with an open mind, an open heart and completely without fear. 

They stayed at my place for a couple of days during their trip and I must say, that the sheer joy, shining out of these men as they embarked upon the adventure of a lifetime, was enough to keep me smiling for days.

My point in writing this, I guess, is that being Fearless isn't always about anger or outrage or war, sometimes we can find fearlessness in the rapture of embracing new adventures or the unwavering belief that people are generally and basically good. 

The kind of spirit and determination that allowed Jye (and his cousin Jordie)  to walk (or ride) into the hearts of others, creates the kind of joyous rebellion that can change worlds. I think Jodi and Astrid would find these boys very appealing. What say you?

Rebecca Bloomer