— Rebecca Bloomer is a writer, rebel and founder of the Fearless. Welcome to her world.

 Signings at my book launch

Signings at my book launch


Rebecca Bloomer

I am a reader, writer, speaker and dreamer. I'm also a teacher, mother, gardener and nerd. I've worked as everything from waitress to academic, so my world is big. 

I THINK that there are people in the world who like it when we are afraid. Afraid of being different, of being hurt, of being sick or even old. 

I KNOW that the only way to overcome this tyranny is by being fearless.

I BELIEVE that we are all capable of greatness but first we must embrace being different, the possibility of being hurt, the likelihood that we will get sick and that age is the privilege of a long life. 

Come with me, find other Fearless, in my books and in your lives. The Fearless exist. You need only find them. 






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